Integration of Kommo
and messengers

from 40 €/month

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Sell in

messengers directly from Kommo

Write first to clients
without copying the number
Respond to the request
submitted on the website
Write even
to a cold contact
Convert any
dialogue into a deal
Hundreds of dialogues –
no client will be lost
even if the manager is unavailable, the dialogue will be picked up by another employee

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for running a beauty
service business

even if the manager is unavailable, the dialogue will be picked up by another employee
Managers in the CRM will be able to control client warm-up and sales
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to easily
attract clients using the bundle
Wahelp + Kommo + Altegio
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your employees` work and increase your profit

Catch your clients
in messengers 24/7
SalesBot can process any incoming message: it will respond to clients event at night and on a weekend, advise clients and make a sale
Manage your reviews
and increase loyalty
The bot will not forget to ask the customer for a review, and if something goes wrong, you can offer a gift or compensation


Work from any devices. All
messages are synchronised:

Special offer:

Ability to write first to clients from Kommo
without any limits on the number of dialogues

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personal data

What we offer
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Frequently Asked Questions

The plans have no limits on the number of dialogues. And we also included the option to write first to clients into all plans

Yes, you can. For that purpose, we connect WhatsApp Business API. We can connect WABA to Kommo, so that you could send bulk messages via the Kommo or WAHELP Messenger interface

Would you like to enable bulk messaging via Kommo? Visit the page, to learn more or Submit a request and our manager will call you back

  • You will be able to control the work of your managers
    View correspondence with clients, allow access to specific dialogues for each manager

  • Store all correspondence with clients in CRM
    Dialogues will not disappear with the manager`s phone if the manager quits or goes on vacation

  • Receive reviews without uncomfortable calls to clients
    Our bot will help you with this and ask for a review in a messenger after the client visit

  • Technical support that cares
    Our specialists look deep into your problem and try to solve it
    without responding according to a template. For example, we do not just give you the instructions,
    but help you set up the service or find the cause of a problem with your PC

If a client asks a question in a messenger, the message is synchronised
with CRM. This way the manager will see the notice in the system`s interface and will be able
to respond to the client as soon as possible

And if you enable the Kommo + Altegio integration, your clients will be able to make an appointment in a couple of clicks on a 24/7 basis

If you have any questions, our experts will always help you
from tech support

You can find the exact prices on the Plans page. Or you can fill-in the form and
leave your phone number and our manager will contact you and answer
your questions