A case of WhatsApp and Instagram bot integration with YCLIENTS for the Bart barbershop in the Czech Republic.

The main objective is to reduce costs of SMS notifications to clients, make appointments in WhatsApp, decrease the employees’ labour efforts required to communicate with clients by deploying chat bots for WhatsApp and Instagram.

What solution was made:
āœ… At the first stage in June 2020, a WhatsApp bot was connected with YCLIENTS integration that allowed to forget about SMS notifications and let the clients make haircut appointments themselves via WhatsApp.
The following message templates were connected during the integration:

1 Main menu with answers to FAQs
2 Message templates for newly created and deleted appointments;
3 A template for a reminder 2 hours before the visit with a possibility to confirm or cancel the appointment (after the confirmation, the appointment status changes in YCLIENTS);
4 A message template with a request for feedback 48 hours after the visit;
5 Templates for messages to be sent after the visit:

  • 31 days after the visit with an invitation to visit again;
  • 24 hours later to those who did not show up.

You can find a screenshot in the carousel showing the statistics of templates sent AFTER the visit in the period from 1 to 28 February.
A period of 7 days was selected for conversion purposes, i.e. a client is included in the statistics if the client made an appointment within 7 days after the message received from the bot.

āœ… In January 2021, a Instagram bot was added to the WhatsApp bot + YCLIENTS bundle.
It enabled automation of work in Telegram.
At the time of writing this article, the fee for wahelp.me is €70 for 30 days (YC Standard + WhatsApp + Instagram)
If the client had continued using SMS, the approximate costs would have been €160.

P.S. if you wish to test the bot for your business, you can sign up for a free test by following the link in our profile header.