How to earn €430.000 in 6 months on beauty industry and automated bulk messaging?

Customer: Beauty Silhouette 24, a chain of aesthetic medicine and healthcare studios in Estonia. They started working with us in May 2020.


The Beauty Silhouette 24 chain faced the typical challenges of the beauty industry. The beauty studios provide more than 50 skin care services, some of which require certain intervals. 

To make an initial or a repeated appointment for a client, cancel or reschedule the visit, administrators had to send hundreds of SMS messages every day. The number of notifications sent per month reached 10 thousand. This workload often resulted in mistakes and, as a consequence, negative feedback from clients.



  1. Automate the process for making appointments, minimise the role of human factor.
  2. Make the communication process convenient for both parties.


What we did

We developed a WhatsApp bot that made appointments for clients, provided consultations regarding the services of interest and asked for feedback. 

The bot was also integrated with YCLIENTS which allowed to collect information on the visitors, their preferences and make personal offers for them.


What we achieved 

From July to December 2021, Beauty Silhouette 24 had 1,153 visitors and the revenue exceeded 2 million rubles thanks to automated bulk messaging.


The clients of Beauty Silhouette 24 appreciated the convenience of the new system as now they do not have to waste time on making phone calls and talking to the administrator. They make appointments in the messenger in just a couple of clicks instead. Besides, the visitors are more willing to share their impressions of the procedures in response to the automated bot requests. For example, it collected 351 reviews in one month.


The management of the Beauty Silhouette 24 studio chain has noted positive changes in the work of all branches, and they have affected not only the financial aspects:


So, in six months the WhatsApp bot and integration with YCLIENTS helped the chain of aesthetic medicine studios to earn more than € 430.000, eliminated the risk of mistakes and confusion in making appointments for services and made communication with clients easier.

If you have any questions regarding this case or you are interested in the chat bot features, we will be happy to help you.