A case of YCLIENTS integration with WhatsApp and Instagram for Superbody, a chain of beauty salons.

In January 2019, a client set a primary objective to replace expensive and inefficient SMS notifications of upcoming appointments with WhatsApp reminders.

What solution was made:
✅ At the first stage in January 2019, a WhatsApp bot was connected with YCLIENTS integration that allowed to completely forget about SMS notifications.
The bot sent messages regarding new and amended appointments, as well as reminders one day before the appointments with the possibility of confirmation, requested feedback regarding previous visits and reminded about the need to repeat laser hair removal.

✅ At the next stage, an internal messenger was connected and integration with amoCRM was carried out. It allowed all branches and the entire team of Superbody to start using a single WhatsApp number which is very convenient both in terms of business and for the chain’s clients.
During the integration with amoCRM, all correspondence with the clients began to be uploaded to the deal cards, while automated messages sent by the bots were also included.
Then the functionality for work with the “dormant” database was connected. Filters allowed fine tuning to send special offers only to those clients who, for example, had not visited the salons for more than 180 days, though previously they had spent more than € 100.
And that started to yield quite good results! (screenshots of reports are included in the carousel)

✅ In January 2021, an Instagram bot was added to the WhatsApp bot + YCLIENTS + amoCRM bundle.
It enabled automation of work in Instagram. Comments to posts and direct messages were forwarded to the internal messenger which made it possible to arrange the work with WhatsApp and Instagram messages in a single window.
At the time of writing this article, the fee for wahelp.ru is € 100 for 30 days.
 – € 95 YC Standard + amoCRM + WhatsApp + Instagram
+ € 20 for 2 additional branches
+ € 5 for 1 additional operator
If the client had continued using SMS, the approximate costs would have been more than €300.

By the way, if a client does not have WhatsApp installed on their phone, the system will send a standard SMS message to the client.