How to start bulk messaging in Whatsapp: save on messaging and reduce the cost of client acquisition

Facebook finally allowed bulk messaging in WhatsApp, but it can be implemented via WhatsApp Business API only. We will tell you how to combine official and unofficial integration options to acquire clients safely.


  • Unofficial WhatsApp means integration by a QR code. Its advantages are quick launch and no charges for individual messages. Its disadvantages are not so stable operation, telephone number blocking for bulk messaging and dependence on WhatsApp updates. Besides, you will need a smartphone that is always charged and connected to the Internet.
  • Official WhatsApp is official API. Its advantages are stable operation without the risk of having your telephone number blocked. However, you need to pay for each message sent and have your templates approved by WhatsApp. In Estonia, the cost per message is about € 0.06. So, messaging to a large client database can significantly deplete your advertising budget.


What solution did we choose for ourselves to have a reliable communication channel on the one hand and to minimise our expenses on the other hand? We integrated both WhatsApp channels and divided the functionality between them!

We linked most of the automated messages to the unofficial channel.


  • subscription renewal reminders;
  • error notifications;
  • sending daily, weekly and monthly reports;
  • integration instructions;
  • feedback requests;
  • any messages related to our clients’ appointments for product consultations.

We now send about 18,000 messages each month, i.e. we save ~ 800 euros by using an unofficial channel.

We linked an official WhatsApp for automated responses to requests from the website and for bulk advertising messaging.

We increased the conversion rates, eliminated the risk of telephone number blocking and received a powerful tool for client acquisition. See below for details.

How clients and managers see the combination of channels.

Clients can send us messages using any of the two WhatsApp numbers. All incoming messages are grouped into the “Verification Required” category in our internal messenger and uploaded to amoCRM.

The screenshot shows the messenger’s interface with two WhatsApp channels.


Managers respond to the incoming messages both from the messenger and the amoCRM interface by selecting the required channel in WhatsApp to reply.

The screenshot shows a client card in amoCRM with the field to send a message via the selected WhatsApp channel.


Whenever a user leaves a request on the website, a response is provided by a bot — we linked this option to the official WhatsApp. We should note that the official API has an option of adding quick response buttons and an interactive menu to messages which significantly increases the conversion rates.

The screenshot shows a bot response to a request from the website and the beginning of the conversation:

Group 122


Bulk messaging is objectively one of the main “trump cards” of WhatsApp Business API. You can send advertising messages to the clients from your database, but you must have your message templates approved beforehand (because some topics are forbidden).

Tell your clients about your plans, discounts, promotions, changes in the schedule, etc. If there are suddenly a lot of spam complaints in response to bulk messages, WhatsApp will only block the message template. The number will not be blocked.

Let us share some of our latest messaging figures:

  • Delivery rate — 92.1%
  • Open rate — 89.4%
  • Conversion in response — 37.8%
  • Unsubscribe rate — 1.7%
  • Average time to open a message — 14 minutes 
  • Cost per lead — € 0.55.


We use the unofficial WhatsApp to send service messages linked to YCLIENTS, i.e. notifications of making, changing, deleting the appointments, and consultation reminders. 

We could also use the official WhatsApp after having the necessary templates approved.


You can use both the official and unofficial WhatsApp channels. Both options can be easily integrated into the existing CRM systems,

and the official one will allow you to send advertising messages to the clients from your database, acquire more clients and reduce the cost of acquisition.