Instructions for connecting Instagram API

You should have business-profile in Instagram to make a connection. If you turning regular profile into business, you should pay attention that this profile is linked to public page in Facebook and you are administrator of this page, if you going to link Instagram to Wahelp. You can get more info at Instagram Help Center:

Follow these steps to link your Instagram to Wahelp:

1) Open “Channels” – “Instagram” tab and press “Connect”.

You go to Step 6 if you already have business-profile.



2) Create new or choose already existing page in Facebook. System will warn you if you don’t have business-profile.



3) Open “Page Settings – Instagram”.



4) Fill the information.



You should confirm your business-profile on this website:

5) In Instagram application you should open – “Settings” – “Privacy” – “Messages” and enable check-box “Allow access to messages”.



6) Press button “Login with Facebook” and choose needed profile.



7) Choose page which is linked to Instagram and give Wahelp application access to it.



8) Choose the synchronization period of your dialogues.



9) Now you finished your connection process. Connected channel should look like this:

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