How do I disable reminders and notifications for clients who do not want to receive them?

This can be done manually. For each bot, we create a client category: "Do not remind me about an appointment on WhatsApp." Then, this category/tag can be applied to the selected client.

For example:


Also, by default, the @ command is created for all bots - unsubscribe from all notifications.

It can be used for all notification templates. Accordingly, if a client replies to a bot message with the @ command, this client will automatically be assigned the "Do not remind me about an appointment on WhatsApp" category. As a result, this client will no longer receive any messages from the bot.

For example:

You are assigned to {SERVICE} {DATE} at {TIME}!

I will additionally remind you one day and 2 hours before an appointment.

Our address is: {ADRESS}.

# go to the main menu

@ unsubscribe from all notifications/reminders

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