What functionality is available within the WhatsApp bot and Altegio integration?

1. Notifications on Whatsapp for the client about the creation, modification, and canceling of appointments.

In this case, it does not matter in what way an appointment was created - manually by the administrator or the client signed up on their own using the link or via Whatsapp.

2. Reminders for upcoming appointments.

The most popular templates are reminders 24 hours and 2 hours before an appointment.

Within the framework of reminder templates, it is possible to confirm or cancel an appointment 24 hours before it (you can delete an appointment or set the status "The client did not come").

3. Reminders of the necessity of additional appointments.

This pattern is triggered a specified number of days after the last meeting, while the bot checks that the client has no other appointments in the specified time interval and that there are no scheduled meetings in the future.

4. Request for feedback.

There are 3 options:

  1. A request with a link to a third-party resource (Yandex, Google, your internal questionnaire).

  2. A request for feedback on a past visit after a specified number of hours. In this case, the link generated by the bot will redirect the client to the reviews of the specialist who conducted an appointment (the client will need to log in before they can send a response).

  3. A request for rating and review with the automatic publication of the written review on Altegio.

5. Congratulations on the client's birthday.

If the Altegio system client's card contains information about the date of birth, the bot can congratulate such a client by sending them a message, for example, with a discount on services.

6. Making an appointment via WhatsApp bot.

The bot allows you to make an appointment directly through Whatsapp, sequentially choosing the desired branch, service category, the service itself, the specialist, as well as the date and time.

7. Automatic start of a dialog with new clients

The bot can reply to all clients who started a dialog via WhatsApp. As a part of the basic functionality, you can implement a welcome message and main menu items.


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