How to check the functionality of the WhatsApp bot integrated with Altegio within a test period?

Here is the algorithm:

  1. You register on our website and create a project according to the video instructions.

  2. Our team checks the created project, makes the necessary settings, and transfers the bot for a 3-day test.

  3. On the first day, the bot is authorized on our smartphone and our WhatsApp number. Without delving into technical issues, this allows to immediately test the main bot menu, check message templates, and communicate through the internal messenger. When the test mode is enabled in the bot settings, all bot-generated messages come only to the customer's WhatsApp number; that is, they do not come to the customer's clients.

  4. In the following days of the test period, you can authorize the bot on the WhatsApp number on which it is planned to work continuously. You can also remove the test mode and check the bot's operation by sending all customers' messages.



Important points:

  • All additional tasks that go beyond our basic functionality are paid separately.

  • The functionality of confirming and canceling appointments through the bot within the test mode does not work; this is due to two reasons. Firstly, to avoid accidental cancellation of real appointments of your customers. And secondly, during the test period, all notifications come to one test number; accordingly, the binding to specific entries in the schedule disappears.

  • After the end of the test period, you will need a valid WhatsApp number with a correspondence history. Note that new WhatsApp numbers have limits on the number of messages sent to new contacts (with whom there were no conversations before), which may lead to the blocking of the recently registered number.

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