How to text the client first from amoCRM?

Using our widget, you can be the first to initiate communication with the client, even if there was no dialog with them before. For this, we only need their phone number.

There are several ways to text the client first.

Way №1

1) It is necessary to create a new deal, add the phone number of the client we need, and click the "Save" button.


2) After saving the contact, a WhatsApp icon will appear opposite the phone number, which can be of three colors:

  • Green - the WhatsApp application is installed on the client's number.

  • Red - no WhatsApp application is installed on the customer's number.

  • Gray - it was not possible to determine the presence of WhatsApp on the client number. This can happen if the WhatsApp bot is not active or there is some technical problem on the side of the API service.

In our case, there is a WhatsApp application on the phone number:


3) Next, click on the customer number and select the item "Message via WhatsApp Help":


After these steps, it becomes possible to send a message to the client in the WhatsApp application:


Way №2

There is a second way to communicate with clients through amoCRM.

You can start or resume dialog with a client through our built-in widget directly in the amoCRM interface.

1) To do this, select our "Message.Help" widget in the left panel of amoCRM, and a window of our internal messenger will open:


2) To start a dialog with a client with whom there was no communication before, you need to click on the "Start a new dialog" button.

There will open a window, enter the client's phone number into it and click on the "Start dialog" button:


After that, either a new dialog with the client will open if there was no previous communication with them, or an existing dialog with the loaded history of correspondence will open.

For more details on the work of our internal messenger, see the video:

Way №3

You can also initiate communication using Salesbot.

This is the functionality from amoCRM as its bot can be programmed to perform certain actions. For example, with its help, you can automatically respond to customers in chats, including the start of a dialog.

For more details on this way, check the article:

Note: Way №2 is available only for users of the Advanced and Professional versions of amoCRM.

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