WhatsApp Business API

To connect a WABA channel, go to «Channels», select «Waba» and click «Connect».


1.Can I connect the WhatsApp Business API if I do not have a legal entity?


Unfortunately no. To connect to the WhatsApp Business API, you need to register as a sole proprietor or a legal entity.

2.Is my industry suitable for connecting the WhatsApp Business API?

You can connect the WhatsApp Business API for all areas of activity, except for prohibited ones. Prohibited activities include sales of alcohol, tobacco products, and pharmacies, gambling, and microfinance organizations.

3.What is connection waiting time?

You will have to wait about 10-14 days from the moment your Facebook Business Manager is verified.

4.What messages does WhatsApp charge for?

You need to pay only for template messages that are pre-agreed with WhatsApp. They are sent at the first dialog with the client or to initiate a dialog after the 24-hour window is closed. Such messages are called HSM (highly-structured messages).
Each country has its own cost of these message. 

5.Can I have a dialog with a client who texted me themself?


Yes, of course. As soon as a client texts you, a 24-hour window is opened within which all messages are free of charge. Moreover, the 24-hour window is extended from the moment of receiving each new message from your client.

6.Can I connect an existing WhatsApp number?


Yes, you can, but it will not work during the process of confirmation of this number on WhatsApp. This process can take from a couple of hours to a day.
You can also connect landline numbers. The important thing is to be able to get an SMS or a voice call to confirm the number.

7.Is it possible to make mass mailings via the WhatsApp Business API?


Yes, you can make mass mailings without the risk of blocking, BUT only based on pre-agreed with WhatsApp templates without direct advertising.

8.How can I get a green checkmark?


WhatsApp currently assigns a green checkmark only to large, recognizable brands. Therefore, if your organization represents such a brand, be sure to get a green checkmark.

9.Do you have a free trial period?


Unfortunately, within the framework of the WhatsApp Business API, we are technically incapable of providing a free test period because you can connect our service only after verifying the number on WhatsApp.

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