1. Why is the QR code not generated in the “Channels” section, or is it an error?


In the “Channels” section can appear the following error:


This error occurs if the Internet connection on the phone is lost, the cell reception is lost, or the WhatsApp application went to sleep mode.

In this case, you need to do the following:

1) Restart the phone.

2) Check the Internet connection on the phone.

3) Go to the WhatsApp application through the phone and check if it works (we advise you to send a message to someone and check if it is sent successfully).

4) End all active sessions via WhatsApp web.

5) Reboot your router (if the previous steps do not help).

6) Turn on the Airplane mode on your phone, wait 20 seconds and turn it off.

7) Go to settings, turn off Wi-Fi, wait 20 seconds and turn it back on.

2. After the visit, the client was sent a message with a request to rate the service from 1 to 5; the client rated 5. Why did the bot send them to the main menu in response?


After the bot sends a message asking to rate the visit, another branch of the bot’s algorithm opens, which is active for 24 hours.

That is, after receiving this message, the client has 24 hours to rate. This was done because many clients do not want to respond to such messages, so we have set a 24-hour limit so that clients who do not want to rate could use the bot’s main menu.

But some clients do not have time to submit a rating within 24 hours, so we added a time setting for this functionality.

In order to increase the waiting time for a response, you need to go to “Settings” in the Altegio section and go down to the bottom of the page.

A field for setting the time you need will be available:

3. A client received a reminder about the visit requesting to confirm/cancel their appointment, and they confirmed their appointment by pressing the number 1. Why did the bot send them to the main menu item under the number 1 in response?


In this question, the situation is similar to question No. 2. After the bot has sent a message requesting to confirm/cancel the appointment, another branch of the bot’s software algorithm opens, and it is available for 24 hours.

If 24 hours is not enough for your clients to respond to a bot message, then there is an opportunity to increase this time.

This can be done by going to “Settings” in the Altegio section:


4. Why didn’t we send a reminder about an appointment with a request to confirm/cancel it at a fixed time?


If the template BEFORE an appointment at a fixed time did not work for you, the bot might still be processing customer data, so there was a delay.

If more than an hour has passed since the moment the template should have been triggered, it means that a failure may have occurred when transferring data from Altegio. In this case, it is necessary to reconfigure the template sending date to the next hour.

So if the reminder should be sent BEFORE the visit at 12:00, but at 13:00, the message has not been sent yet, you need to change the sending time in this template, for example, to 15:00. Then wait for the template to be sent and return the time to the one you need.

If the template did not work even after changing the time, contact our technical support, and our specialists will definitely help you in this situation!

5. The client received a reminder about an appointment requesting to confirm/cancel it. Why has not the status of the appointment changed after the client had confirmed it?


In this case, it is necessary to check whether the service is linked to the specialist to whom the client signed up.

If a client signed up for Specialist1 for service1, and service1 is not linked to this employee in the Altegio settings, then the appointment status will not change.

6. How can I send a client the link to rate the specialist and write a review for them by clicking on this link? The same links were sent to clients via SMS.


The fact is that these links are generated on the Altegio side; we have nothing to do with this kind of link.

You can contact Altegio technical support to resolve this issue.

If you manage to get links of this type, you can add them to the template of the request for feedback, and then these links will be sent to your clients, depending on the specialist your clients attend.


7. Is it possible to request customer feedback without asking them to rate from 1 to 5?


No. Under the terms of Altegio, a review can only be published if two conditions are matched:

  • A client left a rating from 1 to 5;

  • A client wrote a review.

If one of the conditions is not matched, then the review will not be published.

If you are not satisfied with this algorithm, you can configure the feedback request algorithm, in which the customer will be asked for a rating from 1 to 5.

If the client gives a rating from 1 to 3, they will be sent a message that the administrator will contact them soon. Furthermore, the dialog with this client will go to the section “Requires check” (in our internal messenger). Thus, your administrator will be aware of the necessity to contact this client and find out the reason for their dissatisfaction.

If the client gives a rating from 4 to 5, the bot will send a link to a third-party Internet resource, such as Yandex.Maps, Google.Maps, 2Gis, or to your website where the client can leave positive reviews.

If you need to configure the above-described feedback request algorithm, you can contact our technical support, and our specialists will help you.

8. How to prevent a particular client from receiving notifications from the bot?


Suppose you need to disconnect the client from bot notifications. In that case, you can set the category “Do not remind about an appointment on WhatsApp” for the client you need. The client who does not want to receive notifications can send the @ symbol to the bot, and then they will be disconnected from the bot notifications.

For more details, check the article: https://wahelp.me/faq/wahelp/cancel


9. Why did a client who visited us this month receive a template that should be sent 3 months after the visit?


This happens because an additional condition is not set for the template after the visit:

If you set an additional condition and after that, the template works incorrectly, contact our technical support; our specialists will definitely help you!

Note: If more than one branch is connected to your bot and your client has visited several branches, then the message will come several times. This is because the countdown of hours after the visit is connected to the client’s appointment.

If the client visited branch №1, and the template was set up after 504 hours (21 days), the client will receive a message.

The countdown would also be connected to the second visit if the client were in another branch.

10. Why, when I edit a template, is the text not entirely saved after saving?


When editing templates, only built-in emoticons can be used. If you use non-built-in emoticons when editing a template, the text will be saved to a third-party emoticon.

11. How to set up cross-selling templates?


This type of template is designed to make interesting offers to your loyal customers for additional services or those services they have not previously used and register them for these services.


12. Why does the page freeze when launching a cross-selling template?


Cross-selling templates are designed to offer presentations to a limited number of people. Still, if you set “extensive” conditions and too many people fall under these conditions, then the system may take longer to process the data. In this case, you need to wait for the template to be fully loaded.

13. How to authorize an Instagram integration?


To authorize Instagram, you need your Instagram username and password and the phone number you used when registering your Instagram account.

For more details, check this article: https://wahelp.me/faq/wahelp/instagram_authorization

14. How to set up an online booking via a bot?


It is necessary to bind the “Booking via Altegio” function in the online booking template (main menu item) and save the changes:

Also, in the Settings in the Altegio section, you can add a request for the client’s full name and a proposal for choosing an employee:

15. Why is the “Bot not active” error displayed when entering the messenger?



This error can happen if:

  1. The bot was not paid in time;

  2. There are problems with your mobile device;

  3. No project was selected in our admin panel.

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