Conditions for WhatsApp to work stable in Wahelp and recommendations for smartphone settings

For WhatsApp to work stable in WAHelp - without outages and interruptions - the following conditions must be observed:

  • The bot's smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi;

  • You are not using WhatsApp Web (;

  • The power-saving mode is disabled on the bot's smartphone; the smartphone's charge is consistently above 15% (or the smartphone is permanently connected to the power supply);

  • The smartphone is NOT using VPN.

Additional settings that you may need in case of the frequent occurrence of the "Phone not connected" error

WAHelp works over WhatsApp Web. However, WhatsApp Web works only if the app is available on the phone. If the phone is offline, a message appears on WhatsApp Web:



With this status, our service cannot transmit and receive messages from WhatsApp servers. Unfortunately, we cannot change this since this is a feature of WhatsApp; as soon as the connection is restored, all messages will be sent.

Reasons why a smartphone can go offline:

  • The battery on the smartphone has run out;

  • The smartphone is no longer connected to the Internet: both mobile communications and Wi-Fi;

  • The WhatsApp application on the smartphone went to sleep mode.

The first two points are easy to solve: connect your smartphone to the power supply and reliable Wi-Fi.

Regarding the third point, some questions and options depend on the device model and its settings.

The smartphone and all applications can go to sleep mode 30 seconds after releasing it from your hands. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes up to 10 minutes to reconnect with the service (this is how WhatsApp web works), but we can't let that happen!

Set up your smartphone so that WhatsApp does not go to sleep mode. Below are a few customization options. If you do not have such menu items on your phone, then search by analogy.

Old android: Settings -> Display -> Sleep mode -> Don't turn on.

Modern android:

  • Settings → Battery and performance → Power → Energy-saving → Disable the "Limit background activity" function;

  • Settings → All applications → WhatsApp (WhatsApp Business) → Activity control → Select the function "No restrictions";

  • Settings → All applications → WhatsApp (WhatsApp Business) → Other permissions → Set the checkbox on the "Run in the background mode" function.

iOS: By default, all installed apps can update content in the background mode and do not have the sleep mode property. In the settings, you can check and disable some applications.

Settings → General → Content Update → WhatsApp (WhatsApp Business) → click on the slider so that it turns green.

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