Why do you need a link to the WhatsApp bot and how to create it?

First of all, a link to the WhatsApp bot is needed to send advertising traffic directly to WhatsApp, where the bot immediately gets to work and advises clients on frequently asked questions. In parallel, the bot can send the information about a new customer to amoCRM or Altegio, allowing the sales manager to monitor the dialog.

Also, the link to the bot is handy for placing it in the profile header of your Instagram account since immediately after the client follows the link, you receive the information about their WhatsApp number.

When creating a bot, we form a base link of the form http://wahelp.me/yourcompany and attach a template message to it, which can always be changed: “Hello! I would like to receive more detailed information about your services and prices.”

Additional links for different traffic sources or some promotions can be generated independently in our admin panel “Links from wahelp.ru” section.

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