What is the best WhatsApp number to connect to the WhatsApp bot?

We often hear this question from our new customers, so we will try to answer it in detail in this article. We will also talk about how the bot and employees work under the same WhatsApp number.

We recommend that employees and the bot work under the same WhatsApp number. First of all, it will be convenient for your customers - they will not have to think about which number to call/write to ask their question.

How can this be implemented?

For example, there is 1 Altegio branch and 1 admin account.

In this case, the bot is launched on a WhatsApp account the administrator uses to communicate with clients.

The bot will send all reminders and notifications according to the created templates from this number.

At the same time, the administrator will be able to answer incoming calls on WhatsApp and communicate with clients from a smartphone and through our internal messenger from a computer.

The internal messenger will replace the WhatsApp Web administrator (which cannot be used).

The internal messenger with its interface and functionality is described in a separate article.

Another example: there are several Altegio branches with a single WhatsApp number.

In this case, we recommend connecting additional accounts for employees from each branch.

For example, a client asks a question. Immediately, a notification will be sent to the general work mail, and the contact will appear in the "Requires check" category in our internal messenger for each operator. Further, any of the operators can start working with this dialog and advise the client. If the client is from another branch, then you can transfer the chat to another employee.

Only the employee who has a smartphone with a connected bot will be able to answer calls on WhatsApp.

What if you have several Altegio branches, and administrators have different WhatsApp numbers in each branch?

In this case, we recommend connecting a separate bot to each branch. Accordingly, each bot will send reminders, notifications for one branch, and the administrator will only work with clients from their branch.

If you connect more than 3 bots, you can get a discount on the monthly fee.

Can I get a separate WhatsApp number for a bot?

Yes, you can. BUT this mustn't be a new WhatsApp number. You need a Whatsapp number registered more than one month ago with an active conversation history.

This is important as new WhatsApp numbers have limits on the number of messages sent to new contacts (with whom there were no conversations before), which can lead to blocking a recently registered number.


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