Connecting a Telegram channel

Why do you need a Telegram integration?

This integration can be helpful for people using Telegram as a mobile messenger.

After connecting a channel, it becomes possible to conduct dialogs through our internal messenger.

Thus, using our messenger, you can conduct dialogs with clients who use different mobile applications, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and Viber, in one working window.

There is no need to use a phone to communicate with customers and switch from one application to another.

Also, in this integration, you can use the bot menu (similar to the WhatsApp bot menu

You can customize the templates however you like, and your Telegram clients will be able to use them.

To connect a Telegram channel, you need to follow these steps:

1) Follow the link

2) In the opened chat, click "Start."


3) Enter the command "/ newbot."


4) Next, you are prompted for the name of the bot. Bot name must end in "bot". For example "Test_bot" or "Testbot". 

5) Then the UserName is requested (how it will be displayed in chats), after this, you receive a message, which contains the token of the bot you created (for example, "Use this token to access the HTTP API: 1187516811: AAFydcHkvTA6YBWIZZW").


6) Copy this token and go to our admin panel ( 

7) Go to the "Channels" section in the "Telegram" section.


In the Telegram section, fill in the Token and channel ID fields:

  • Token - API token issued at the bot registration stage;

  • Channel ID - the ID obtained at the Defining the channel ID stage.

To determine the channel ID (it also works for groups and users), you need to follow these steps:

1. In the search, find the @username_to_id_bot channel.


2. In the chat window with the bot, click "Start."

3. Send the bot the name of your channel @channel_name (the UserName you specified during the registration).


4. You will be sent your channel ID.

The "Enable Bot" checkbox enables the "automatic bot response" mode, i.e., message templates similar to WhatsApp will be available (example:

This completes the setup the webhook will be created automatically, the Telegram channel is connected!

What are the restrictions on sending messages?

  • Chat messages - no more than once a second

  • Group messages - no more than 20 per minute

  • Messages to users - no more than 30 per second

  • Maximum upload file size - 50 MB


For more details, check the official Telegram website:

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