Connecting a Viber channel

What is the integration with Viber for?

This integration can be helpful for people using Viber as a mobile messenger.

After connecting the channel, it becomes possible to conduct dialogs through our internal messenger.

Thus, using our messenger, you can conduct dialogs with clients who use different mobile applications, such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, and Viber, in one working window.

There is no need to use a phone to communicate with customers and switch from one application to another.

Also, in this integration, the ability to use the bot menu is available (similar to the WhatsApp bot menu):

You can customize the templates however you like, and your customers using Viber will be able to use it.

To connect a Viber channel, you need to follow these steps:

1) Log in to


2) The Viber admin panel will open; you need to click the "Create Bot Account" button.


3) Now fill out the form:


4) Before completing registration, you should copy the data from the Uri field.

An API token will be received at the end of the bot creation; you also need to copy it.


5) Next, go to our admin panel ( in the "Channels" section and go to the "Viber" section:


In the Viber section, fill in the URI, Token, and Bot Name fields:

  • URI - copy from the form filled in the previous step;

  • Token - API token, issued after filling out the form in the previous step;

  • Bot name - the name of the bot that the recipient will see in the chat.

The "Enable Bot" checkbox enables the "automatic bot response" mode, i.e., message templates similar to WhatsApp will be available (example:

This completes the setup; the webhook will be created automatically, the Viber channel is connected!

Start a chat

In order for the bot to send messages to the user, the user should start a dialog with the bot; this is the condition for Viber to work; there are no other ways.

For example, you can send a user a link to a dialog with a bot:


where URI is the Uri parameter specified when creating the bot.

Or you can go to a dialog with your chatbot and click on the "Share Contact" button, then select the clients you need and send them the contact of your bot:


Are there any restrictions on sending messages?

Yes, there are some, but they are insignificant.

There is one main restriction on sending messages on Viber:

  • No more than 100 unanswered messages can be sent to one user within an hour; if the user responded, the counter is reset.

For more details, check the official Viber website:

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