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WhatsApp mailings without blocking

"Can I upload my contact database and send WhatsApp messages through your bot?"

We hear this question quite often from our potential clients. And we answer this question - NO! Since such a mailing will inevitably lead to the blocking of the Whatsapp number.

Is there a way out? Yes!

Broadcast without blocking Whatsapp!

Such mailing allows you to immediately send messages only to those contacts who have added your number (bot number) to their contact list!

Yes, at first glance, this may seem like a daunting task, but believe us, it will bring incredible results in the long run!

Let's compare direct mail and broadcast on Whatsapp.

Comparison criteria

Direct mailing

Broadcast mailing


Everyone you send the message to

Only those users who have saved your contact

The risk of blocking the WhatsApp number

WhatsApp numbers for mailings will be blocked

The WhatsApp number will not be blocked

Number of messages

300-500 messages per WhatsApp number



Permanent ban or long-term job? You choose!

Most make the right choice. But the question immediately arises, how to collect a loyal customer base for mass broadcast mailing on WhatsApp?

We send all advertising traffic via the link directly to the bot. And we offer new customers to save the bot's contact in one click for receiving a gift, bonus, or discount.

As for the current base: you can send an SMS with a link to the WhatsApp bot and a reasonable offer, for example, crediting bonus points that customers can spend on your goods/services. Therefore, the conversion rate for such a newsletter should be good.

A similar mailing can be done via email base and Instagram subscribers.

If you have an offline business, you can post a QR code at all points of sale, which, when scanned, will automatically redirect to the bot's WhatsApp.