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A personal widget for your website

Why should you install widgets on your website?

The main tasks of widgets on a site are to improve usability and increase conversion. They should also help attract customers, reduce the workload on administrators, collect statistics, and increase sales.

However, in order for a widget to work appropriately for its purpose, you should remember that it must help clients and not scare them away with its importunity or unnecessity.

That is why we have added the ability to create a personal widget for your site to our functionality!

We provide two different widget options for you.

1) A classic widget containing links to your primary sources.

For example, you can place a button that leads to your Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, or place a link to an online Yclients post. Thus, if necessary, your site visitors can easily go to one of your online sources.

2) A communication widget, which is a workspace containing links to your primary sources and a chat with an employee.

Using this version of a widget, users of your site have an opportunity to text to this chat, so the message from a user gets into our internal messenger, and you or your employees can process this request and advise your client.

Guides on creating a widget

Widget option №1

1) Go to our admin panel (

2) Go to the section "Growth tools" -> "Widget" and mark the first option of the widget:


3) Scroll down and indicate the parameters you need; all settings are very intuitive:


4) Click "Save," and just below, the widget code is generated, which you can add to the code of your site.

Widget option №2

1) Go to our admin panel (

2) Go to the section "Growth tools" -> "Widget" and check the box next to the second option of the widget.


3) Similarly to the first option, specify the parameters of the widget. Still, this time, you can add such parameters as the color of the messenger, the first message that will be displayed in the chat, the ability to add the name of the widget and upload a photo of the chat operator:

Fill in the above parameters, click "Save," and below, the corresponding code will be generated; you can add it to the code of your website.

Note: Our technical support does not process installing widgets. If you cannot do this yourself, contact the web-master of your site.