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The new user algorithm

Some of our bots use the so-called new user algorithm.

How does it work?

We form a link to the bot of the form: and place it, for example, in the header of the Instagram account profile.

A potential client follows the link on Instagram, and the system automatically redirects them to WhatsApp, forming the first message: “Hello! I would like to receive more detailed information about services and bonuses.”

The bot responds with the following message + sends its contact (for the client to save the number to their contact list):

“Hey! WhatsApp helper is online! You can communicate with me using commands.

I want to start our friendship with a pleasant surprise - with a bonus of $20 you can use to purchase subscriptions within 15 days!

To get a bonus, save my number to your contact list and send character 1 in the reply message or send the # symbol in a reply message to go to the main menu.


1 get bonuses

# go to the main menu.”

If the client replies to the message with the character 1, the bot sends them a QR code containing the information about the amount and the validity period.

This algorithm solves several problems at once:

  • Firstly, the bonus stimulates the client to switch from Instagram to WhatsApp, in which it is easier to turn a potential client into an existing one;

  • Secondly, the limited validity period of the QR code encourages the customer to make a faster purchase decision;

  • Thirdly, you can ask the client to save the bot number to their contact list so you will be able to notify this client about new promotions through the official WhatsApp mailing list.