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Hello, could I make an appointment for a haircut.
Hello, Haircut-bot in touch. 1 - Our services 2 - Price list 3 - Online registration 4 - Special offers 5 - Staff consultation
Write your name and surname
Ivan Ivanoff
Write your WhatsApp phone number
Choose the service: 1 - Haircut 2 - Complex
Choose time and fate: 1 - Tuesday - 28 of March 2 - Wednesday - 29 of March 3 - Thursday - 30 of March
Choose the time: 1 - 19.00 2 - 20.00
Your appointment was created. Waiting for you! __ # - main menu

What you need to know about Instagram Direct API.

Integration is fully official: any business-account could have connection. No more limit for number of followers
Instagram business account
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Officially and safety in work, integration without failures, connected with your Instagram business account. Now, without limit for number of followers.
and chat-bots
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Instagram Wahelp`s bot reacts to incoming messages immidiately (direct, comments and reactions). It talks with clients using your own settings. Have any problems with creating WhatsApp bot? Our team will be glad to help you with scenario creation and launching the project, considering your tasks.
CRM integration
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Instagram API can integrate apart or in conjuction with popular CRM: amoCRM, Bitrix24 and Altegio, also with WhatsApp additionally.
single window
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Wahelp's integration allows to combine dialogs from all devices and messengers (Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber) in only one window, so your chats will be under full control.
Comments quotation
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Post's comments deliver as Direct - messages. If you reply to the comment in the Wahelp's messenger, your message will be placed under this post as a comment reply in instagram. If you reply on comments using quotation, this message delivers to the user's direct and the new dialog with this account opens in Wahelp's messenger.
Seven days dialog window
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It opens and prolongs with another new messages from a client. In this period, you can write any messages to him. To write the first one you can only using Instagram
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Connection procedure

in just a couple of clicks
Facebook business account creation
Facebook work page binding
Integration choosing and work’s start
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Altegio integration binding with WhatsApp

  • Altegio integration connects with WhatsApp and Instagram
  • Ability of automated creating appointment step by step through the instagram
  • Collecting feedbacks from Altegio publications using WhatsApp
  • Automated reminds to clients about appointments using WhatsApp
  • Chatting using all channels in one window
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Service plans

With Instagram API channel
0 Connecting to Instagram API
+ chat-bot*
from 60 Instagram API
+ WhatsApp and Altegio*
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Questions and answers

Why official API better than non-official decisions?
Using non-official methods, no one can give an undertaking that everything will work stable, also it has risks of blocking. Official instagram API working is stable and safety
I use non official Instagram API, what should I do?
We insistently reccomend to replace it by Official API. In the future we will not use non-official methods of working with Instagram
Can the price of using Instagram channel change?
No, price stays the same
Will I be able to write first to clients in the Direct?
No, it is one of the Instagram restriction for spamming control. You can write to the Direct using Instagram APP (for example: on the phone), if the client replys on your message the seven days dialog window will be opened, which allows you sending messages from our Instagram API using our messenger
As I understood, clients can create requests for appointment automatically using Instagram?
Yes, it is. We can integrate Instagram with Altegio and bot will create appointments automatically 24/7
Can I answer to the post comment using Instagram API besides messages in the Direct?
Yes, it is. Post comments also move into the Wahelp's messenger and you will be able to reply for it from single chat window. If you have amoCRM or Bitrix24 integration, comments will create new deals in your CRM system
Can I create a special instagram bot?
Yes, we will launch your bot considering your tasks if the technical aspect allows.
Can I try it for free?
Yes, we give a trial period for three days for all new users Instagram API.