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The client sees an ordinary message, and your managers have access to the entire messaging history, colleagues’ comments and previous purchases. It is easy to understand how to dialogue and sell more
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in WhatsApp
Tell your entire client base about discounts and promotions, and bring back the “dormant” clients. Send bulk messages even to “cold” contacts, your number will not be blocked
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If you connect a WhatsApp business account via Wahelp

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to work as a team

Bot as an all-purpose assistant
Распределяет диалоги между отделами и консультирует клиентов по частым вопросам. Если сотрудника нет на месте, бот ответит на прямую заявку и поможет продать
Dialogues are synchronised
Open client messages not only in Bitrix24, but also in WhatsApp and Telegram, as well as in the Single Window, i.e. the Wahelp messenger

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