Bulk messaging
in WhatsApp

without the risk of having your number blocked

Enable bulk messaging in WhatsApp

from 23 €/month

Until 2023

WABA is in the WAHELP service – you pay only your provider’s fee!

What is WhatsApp Business API


WABA is the official WhatsApp channel for businesses used for promotional bulk messaging


Your number will not be blocked for bulk messaging to both your client base and “cold” contacts

Enable WhatsApp

More sales

via official WhatsApp

Bulk Messaging
Announce discounts, promotions and bonuses, new services and other offers
It is easier for the client to click the button than to type the answer manually


of enabling bulk messaging via WAHELP


Wahelp is integrated with your CRM system


Client database

Segment your database and send targeted messages from Wahelp


Correspondence with clients is stored in the CRM or "Single Window",
and not in the manager`s phone

25 August

Appointment was confirmed by the user

420 / 80%
Analyse and change the settings – remove telephone numbers that do not work, improve texts, add promotions and discounts


See how many messages were delivered and opened, how many of them were converted into requests and how much you earned

Increase your income

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Your charges: 23 €/month - payment to ISP, 0,0549 € for
outgoing messages outside the limit

How to connect

You can do it yourself

1. Request

Leave a request and our manager will advise you on the next steps

You can do it yourself

2. Verify your account

1. Register an account in Facebook Business

2. Check the documents of your company for errors and inconsistencies and send them to Facebook

3. Wait until the status of your company is confirmed

You can do it yourself

Sign up for Chat API

Turnkey Option

If you have no time to check the documents and verify your account, we will do it for you

Besides, we will tell and show you:

How to create templates that will attract the audience

How to send bulk messages and analyse the statistics

Check the cost of the service

Leave a request

and we will help you connect an official WhatsApp account

Leave a request

Frequently Asked Questions

WABA Grey WhatsApp
Bulk messaging without the risk of having your number blocked or losing your client database Risk of having your number blocked for spamming
Stable operation via API Connection often drops and depends on WhatsApp updates
No smartphone needed Your smartphone must be turned on all the time
Feedback buttons to increase conversion rate No feedback buttons
Connection of a landline number and a 8-800-... number Landline number and 8-800-... numbers are unavailable

You can find the exact prices on the Rates page Rates page

Yes, you can do bulk mailings without the risk of blocking, BUT only according to templates previously agreed with WhatsApp. If suddenly there are a lot of complaints about your mailing list, then WhatsApp will block only the message template, the number will not be damaged.

Unfortunately no. To connect to the WhatsApp Business API, you need to open an individual entrepreneur or register a legal entity.

You can connect the WhatsApp Business API for all areas of activity, except for prohibited ones. Prohibited ones include: sales of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, pharmacies, gambling business, as well as microfinance organizations.

We recommend starting with an application on our website. We will show you the further algorithm of actions.

About 1 day to start testing on limited functionality. For bulk mailings, you will need to verify your Facebook business account, which takes about 10 business days.

For template messages that are agreed in advance with WhatsApp. They need to be sent during the first dialogue with a client or to initiate a dialogue after the 24 hour window is closed. Such messages are called highly-structured messages (HSM). Each country has its own cost of these messages

Oh sure. As soon as the client has written to you, a 24-hour window opens, within which all correspondence is not charged. Moreover, the 24 hour window is extended from the moment of the last message from your client.

Yes, you can, but the moment this number is confirmed in Whatsapp, it will not work. This can take from a couple of hours to a day. The main thing is to be able to receive an SMS or a voice call to confirm the number.

WhatsApp currently only assigns a green checkmark to large, recognizable brands. If your organization represents such a brand, be sure to get a green checkmark.