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Welcome. I want to learn more about the WhatsApp Business API.
Hello. We are ready to help you with connecting the official WhatsApp. We have ready-made integrations with amoCRM, Bitrix24, and YCLIENTS
Excellent. And how long does the connection take?
You can connect test functionality in 1 day, and continue verification in parallel.
And what is the main difference from the usual WhatsApp?
It is possible to send bulk mailings without the risk of blocking the number, the presence of buttons that increase the conversion and stable work!

What you need to know about the Whatsapp Business API

Now mass mailings to your clients are available in the official WhatsApp! No risks of blocking your number!
  • 90% deliverability
  • 42% of responses to
  • 75% open rate
  • 1-3% conversion in
Company profile directly in WhatsApp
No risks of losing your number
Integration to the most using CRM systems
Mailing through HSM- templates
Any questions?

Why do SMS go to the past?

  • 1000 symbols
  • +buttons
  • +links
  • +attachments
  • 70 symbols

Calculator for the mailing

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Set the amount of your client base

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Set the average amount of your service

Cost per Message

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Increase in conversion

With the button help in messages
The main bonus of the Business version of WhatsApp is the ability to add interactive buttons to each message.
  • buttons greatly increase the open rate of your message
  • customers actively click on links and buy
  • customers are ready for dialogue if you do not spam
More about the buttons

Connection procedure

Connect it in 1 day!

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Can I send bulk via WhatsApp Business API?
Yes, you can do bulk mailings without the risk of blocking, BUT only according to templates previously agreed with WhatsApp. If suddenly there are a lot of complaints about your mailing list, then WhatsApp will block only the message template, the number will not be damaged.
Can I connect to the WhatsApp Business API if I don't have a legal entity?
Unfortunately no. To connect to the WhatsApp Business API, you need to open an individual entrepreneur or register a legal entity.
Is my industry suitable for connecting to the WhatsApp Business API?
You can connect the WhatsApp Business API for all areas of activity, except for prohibited ones. Prohibited ones include: sales of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, pharmacies, gambling business, as well as microfinance organizations.
How do I start connecting?
We recommend starting with an application on our website. We will show you the further algorithm of actions.
How long does it take?
About 1 day to start testing on limited functionality. For bulk mailings, you will need to verify your Facebook business account, which takes about 10 business days.
What messages does WhatsApp charge for?
For template messages that are agreed in advance with WhatsApp. They need to be sent during the first dialogue with a client or to initiate a dialogue after the 24 hour window is closed. Such messages are called highly-structured messages (HSM). Each country has its own cost of these messages
Can I conduct a dialogue with a client that I wrote myself?
Oh sure. As soon as the client has written to you, a 24-hour window opens, within which all correspondence is not charged. Moreover, the 24 hour window is extended from the moment of the last message from your client.
Can I connect a valid WhatsApp number?
Yes, you can, but the moment this number is confirmed in Whatsapp, it will not work. This can take from a couple of hours to a day. The main thing is to be able to receive an SMS or a voice call to confirm the number.
How do I get a green check mark?
WhatsApp currently only assigns a green checkmark to large, recognizable brands. If your organization represents such a brand, be sure to get a green checkmark.
Do you have a free trial period?
Unfortunately, within the WhatsApp Business API there is no technical ability to provide a free trial period, since you can connect our service only after confirming the name and number in WhatsApp.