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Welcome. I want to learn more about the WhatsApp Business API.
Hello. We are ready to help you with connecting the official WhatsApp. We have ready-made integrations with amoCRM, Bitrix24, and YCLIENTS
Excellent. And how long does the connection take?
About two weeks.
And what is the main difference from the usual WhatsApp?
There is no risk of blocking the number at high throughput and stable operation!

What you need to know about WhatsApp Business

Official account on WhatsApp
No risk of losing the phone number
Integrated into the most popular CRM systems
Mailing via the template
Suitable for legal entities only
Chatbots and auto funnels in messengers
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Is it possible to make mass mailings via the WhatsApp Business API?
Yes, you can make mass mailings without the risk of blocking, BUT only according to pre-agreed templates with WhatsApp without direct advertising.
Can I the WhatsApp Business API if I don't have a legal entity?
Unfortunately, no. To connect to the WhatsApp Business API, you need to open an individual entrepreneur or register a legal entity.
Is my field of activity suitable for connecting the WhatsApp Business API?
You can enable the WhatsApp Business API for all areas of activity, except for prohibited ones. Prohibited items include: sales of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, pharmacies, gambling, and microfinance organizations.
How do I start connecting?
We recommend that you start with a form on our website. We will tell you the further algorithm of actions.
Connection waiting time?
About 10-14 days from the moment your Facebook Business Manager is verified.
What messages does WhatsApp charge for?
Only for template messages that are pre-agreed with WhatsApp. They need to be sent at the first dialog with the client or to initiate a dialog after the 24-hour window is closed. Such messages are called HSM (highly-structured message).
Each country has its own cost of these messages. For Russia this is about 4 rub.
Can I have a dialogue with a client who wrote it himself?
Yes, of course. As soon as the client has written to you , a 24 hour window will open and all messages there will be free. Moreover, the 24-hour window is extended from the moment of the each last message from your client.
Can I connect an existing WhatsApp number?
Yes, you can, but at the time of confirmation of this number in WhatsApp, it will not work. This can take from a couple of hours to a day.
You can also connect landline numbers. The important thing is to be able to get a SMS.
How do I get a green check mark?
WhatsApp currently assigns a green check mark only to large, recognizable brands. If your organization represents such a brand, then be sure to get a green check mark.
Do you have a free trial period?
Unfortunately, within the framework of the WhatsApp Business API, there is no technical possibility to provide a free test period, because you can connect our service only after verifying the number in WhatsApp.