Wahelp Messenger

A messenger for your entire team to communicate with the clients

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Catch orders
from any channels – instantaneously
in the single window
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Wahelp messenger
from the common account
without copying
the client`s number
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Customer Care Department
Easily transfer the dialogues to other operators, distribute the workload and quickly answer the questions of clients
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2 карточка
3 карточка
Place important messages in the relevant folder to not lose them in the feed
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Sales Department
Quickly answer the questions, catch requests even at night, take the load off the managers using the chatbot

Single space

for communication with clients and distribution of tasks

Everything is Synchronised

All requests from messengers, social
media, website chat and CRM go into
the single window
Диалог инициируется через Instagram Диалог инициируется через Instagram

Communicate with the clients where it is convenient for them

No need to
connect to CRM!
Work in the messenger with the entire team using your company`s number. All contacts are saved in the Wahelp Messenger
Your New Manager
The bot distributes the requests among departments and talks to the clients: informs about available dates, signs up for a visit, answers the frequently asked questions and sells. Even at night!
More Reviews
After the transaction, the bot will ask the client to rate your services. If everything is OK, it will ask to follow the link and write a review

What we offer when
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Frequently Asked Questions

The team will be able to answer the questions of clients from various messengers using the single system and distribute the dialogues between them. That way, managers or technical support will be able to solve the client issues faster without any rush

The clients write in the messengers that they feel comfortable with. And the managers quickly respond in several channels using the single space

Yes, the bot is included in the basic plan, you do not need to buy it separately. Choose the channels you want to connect and start using the service

If you have any questions, our technical support team will always help you

You can find the exact prices on the Plans page. Or you can fill-in the form and leave your phone number and our manager will contact you and answer your questions