The guide on creating a WhatsApp with amoCRM integration

1) The first step is to register on our website

2) After registration, you need to create a project in our admin panel with amoCRM integration.


3) At the end of the project creation, you will be given a unique key to connect the widget on amoCRM.

This key will be in the format: 4d21dde6dfab5c0963b1807eff07c3q8

4) Next, you need to go to the amoCRM interface, select the "Settings" menu item and go to the "Integrations" section.

In the search bar, you need to enter the name of our widget, "WhatsApp Help."


5) After selecting our widget, click the "Install" button, then indicate the unique key, confirm your consent to the data transfer and click "Save."


6) After these steps, the integration between our service and amoCRM is considered completed.

Now you can go back to our admin panel, to the "Channels" section, and read the QR code from the mobile device on which the bot will work.

For more details, see the video:

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