Salesbot by amoCRM in connection with the “WhatsApp Help” widget

Salesbot is a bot that can be programmed to perform specific actions. For example, it can be used to reply to clients in chats automatically.

In addition to chats, Salesbot works with a deal card. This means that even if a deal doesn’t have a contact, Salesbot can still work with it.

For example, you can set up a bot script to add a note to any deal when it is transferred to a certain status.

To activate Salesbot, you need to go to the required funnel and click on the “Configure” button.

Then, at the stage you need, in the cell, click on the “Add trigger” button and select Salesbot.

* For Salesbot to send messages through our channel, you must have the “Whatsapp Help” widget connected to amoCRM.

A settings window will open in which you can select the parameters you need:


After choosing the parameters, you should click on the “Create a new bot” button, and the visual editor of the bot will open.

The following actions are available for configuration:

  1. Send a message;

  2. Breaker;

  3. Perform an action;

  4. Condition;

  5. Validator;

  6. Go to another step;

  7. Your handler (code);

  8. Stop the bot.

Most of the time, our customers use Salesbot to create automated messages for customers.

In this window, in the item “Initiate communication”, you need to select our channel “Whatsapp Help” so that in the future, the message could be sent through our widget to clients on WhatsApp:


After that, you will see a field for entering a text message, or you can add a button by clicking on which, the client will go to another step.


Also, there are such valuable functions as “Interrupter” and “Timer.”

If you need the bot’s next step to be executed not immediately but after a certain amount of time, you can use the “Interruptor” and “Timer” functions. In the timer, you can specify the time in seconds, minutes, and hours, after which the bot will perform the following action.


In addition to the above functionality, there are many other useful settings. Thus, everyone can personalize Salesbot for their own needs.

You can see an example of setting up Salesbot in the video:

Note: This functionality relates directly to amoCRM, and we cannot influence Salesbot on our side.

Salesbot settings are carried out personally on your side, according to your personal needs. Still, if you have any questions about setting up, you should contact the technical support of the developer service.

To learn more about the functionality of Salesbot, check the official article by amoCRM:

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