If you choose to communicate through the "Messenger," a conversation with the bot is created, in which it sends notifications with the number of unread messages. If there are no messages, then notifications are cleared. The message also contains a link depending on the settings of "Lead, contact and deal," "Deals," and "Lead and contact."


By the name of the contact, you can go to the messenger; by "Contact," "Deal," or "Lead," you can go to the card.

From the card, you can move to the messenger where you communicate with a client.



You can customize the messenger.

There are the following settings:

  • Employee connection template;

  • Employee disconnection template;

  • Time of automatic disconnection of the employee from the dialog, after the last message;

  • Employee name for templates;

  • It is possible to remove all dialogs from the need to check and mark all messages as read.


You can text a client first.

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