Creating Wahelp integration with Bitrix24

1)    First of all, go to your Bitrix24 and through the market, install our application «WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Instagram от»

2)    Then, you need to register on our website

3)    After registration, you need to create a project in our admin panel with Bitrix24 integration.



4)    At step 2, you should specify the phone number for the project and a link to your Bitrix24.



5)    After these steps, the integration between our service and Bitrix24 is considered connected.

6)    Next, you need to select the type of communication with the client "Via open channel" or "Via messenger".



7)    If you select "Via open lines", pass on to step 8If you choose the type of communication with the client "Via messenger", you need to select the following parametersin the settings:

8)    Integration setup is completed.


9)    Reload the page and select the project if not selected.


10)    Now, you can go to the «Channels» section and read the QR code from the mobile device on which the project will work.


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