Duplicate control

In autumn 2020, amoCRM released the Double Control functionality. This functionality allows you to choose which sources of deals and by what data to track duplicates for new orders, and what actions to do with copies in certain situations.

Currently, the functionality supports almost all common sources and integrations, including integration with the “WhatsApp Help” widget.

The duplicate control is configured individually for each funnel.

On the first tab of the Settings window, you need to select our WhatsApp Help widget. It is located in the section of the sources with limited support for duplicate control since our widget works according to the “BIG DATA” method (the system recognizes the client using machine learning and amoCRM data).


The BIG DATA method

The incoming application data is checked using machine learning algorithms and amoCRM data when this option is selected.

BIG DATA will find duplicates for incoming requests from chats and merge the incoming request with the existing one.

The BIG DATA check works asynchronously for incoming orders from other channels, that is, after adding the order.

In this case, the merge will occur only if one of the duplicate entities is in the unparsed status.

It is also worth noting that verification occurs when an entity is updated (data addition). The main condition is that one of the potentially duplicated entities is in the unparsed status.

A merge may occur when checking by BIG DATA, even when the entity is updated (for example, the bot filled the phone number in an unparsed request). The main conditions for triggering BIG DATA concatenation are:

1) control by BIG DATA is enabled;

2) control of duplicates is turned on for the source from which the last request comes to the unparsed;

3) one of the merged entities is in the unparsed status.


After choosing our widget, you can customize the rules for controlling duplicates to suit your needs:

You can set additional fields for deals and contacts for which you need to compare the incoming data.

In this case, amoCRM will check the presence of the selected field in the data of the transferred contact and the transaction and will search for duplicates in your account.

If the contact field is used, only those deals where the found contact is the main one will be considered duplicates.

This parameter is checked when creating tickets from forms, API (only through the new method/api/v4/leads/complex), and other sources.

You can select funnels and statuses in which duplicates will be searched; that is, if a deal is in an unselected status, it will not participate in data comparison when adding a deal to amoCRM.

You can select the type of outcome in case of a conflict between the transaction data and the incoming order

When you select the option “Refresh with data from the incoming request,” when a duplicate is found, and there is a conflict between incoming and existing data, the existing deal will be updated with incoming data. The Phone and Email fields will be supplemented with the new data.

If you select the option “Leave the data of the current deal,” the existing deal will not be changed if a duplicate is found and if the input and existing data are in conflict.

If several duplicates are found for an incoming request:

  • When there is more than 1 take and no more than 3, you can choose the behavior of the control of takes. If more than 3 duplicates are found, the merge will not occur.

  • You can either update all deals (when this setting is selected, all found deals will be updated), or you can update the newest deal (when this setting is selected, the last created deal will be updated), or you can create a new deal (when this setting is selected, a new deal will be created).

  • And also, you can configure the creation of a task after the data update operation is performed. The task will be assigned to those deals that were found when searching for duplicates. If more than 3 deals were found, the duplicate control would ignore such an incoming order.

Note: This functionality relates directly to amoCRM, and we cannot influence the control of duplicates on our side.

The duplicate control settings are carried out personally on your side, according to your personal needs.

Perhaps this functionality will expand in the future, and we will be able to make any additions for the more correct operation of duplicate control.

For more details, check the official article by amoCRM: https://www.amocrm.ru/developers/content/crm_platform/duplication-control

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